Las Vegas Diaries
Part fantasy and part autobiographical - exploring the difficulties and contradictions of living the western dream in Las Vegas – a city where consumption of experience is extreme. It is also a book collaboration with writer Paul Davies who is the subject of many of the photos and also author of the writing that documents ten years of visiting Las Vegas (1984-2004) as a university lecturer on student field trips and as a tourist. Julie Cook, joins this account five years in.

Mirage, 1.2001 

Binion's Horseshoe, 12.2002 

Binion's Horseshoe, 2.1999 

Venetian, 1.2001 

Algiers Hotel, 2.2004 

Jackie Gaughan's Plaza, 12.2002 

MGM Grand, 12.2002 

Algiers Hotel 2, 12.2002 

Viva Las Vegas, 1.2001 

Circus Circus, 12.2002 

Barbary Coast, Room 113, 12.2002 

Vagabond Inn, 6.2001 

The Strip, 12.2002
: The Strip, 12.2002

Slots A' Fun, 12.2002 

Vagabond Inn, 6.2001 

Algiers Hotel, 3.2002 

Algiers Hotel, 12.2002 

Excalibur, 2.2004 

Downtown, 12.2002 

Mandalay Bay, 12.2002 

New Frontier, 4.2003 

Rio, 3.2002 

Venetian, 12.2000 

Algiers Hotel, 2.2004 

Algiers Bar, 12.2002 

Algiers Hotel, 2.2004 

Jackie Gaughan's Plaza, 12.2000